U-BOOT The Board Game

Created by PHALANX

UBOOT The Board Game is a real-time tabletop game of WW2 submarine warfare. An underwater cooperative war thriller that allows 1 to 4 players to assume the roles of the Captain, the First Officer, the Navigator, and the Chief Engineer on board of a type VIIC U-boat. The game is enhanced by a companion app, allowing for an unprecedented level of realism, as well as a challenging enemy A.I. which will push your skills to the limit. The action unfolds both on the strategic and the tactical scale, always demanding teamwork, efficient crew management, and quick situation assessment.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
over 1 year ago – Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 03:25:31 AM

Hello everybody,

The time has come to kiss our loved ones goodbye. Soon, they will be standing at the pier, waving as we disappear into the distance. But for now, we can still hear the band playing and the presence of those who have come to say their goodbyes fills our hearts with the hope for a happy return.

We are embarking on a mission. A mission that may well lead us to fame and glory, or to the deepest chasms of madness and despair. Yet even after we end up miles away, our hearts will remember about those who have given us the strength and resolve to overcome all kinds of adversities that lie ahead.

And there is no doubt there will be many of those on our path, laid before us by a cunning and relentless foe.Their forces are numerous, highly motivated, and poised to protect their innocent sheep against the attacks of bloodthirsty predators. And yet it is no time to ponder upon the righteousness of one’s cause. It is war and the mission must be fulfilled at any cost. Not because of politics, ideology, or other superficial constructs imposed upon us. Our motivation is to return to our loved ones, and it is what allows us to overcome anything that the enemy may throw at us. And they will be throwing a lot indeed ;)

Alright, everybody! This is it! The final hours of the campaign are upon us and it is time to lay the cards on the table. Below you can see what the enemy has got in store for you and you had better come in prepared:


To even out the odds, however, there is one crucial asset that can help us turn the tides of war in our favor. A machine so sophisticated that it will take the Allies years to defeat, in spite of the strong commitment of people and resources. And that, of course, is the Enigma:


We are sure you are interested in how exactly it is going to work and what sort of innovation it will bring into the game. As you have probably expected, there will be deciphering and enciphering involved with a true to life code sheet that our players will need to consult. But that is merely what happens on the surface, as the premise behind introducing the Enigma is far more profound…


And that is because the encoded messages will constitute the foundation of the open-world, sandbox structure that will be introduced into the game. Apart from the main objective, there will be a plethora of side missions, threats, and opportunities waiting for you to discover. Deciphering the messages will allow you to learn of those, and each mission will hold more than you can receive during a single playthrough, thus giving you new possibilities and strategic considerations each time you give it a go.

What is more, each of these will be thematically suited to both maps we are going to have in the game: The North Sea and the Atlantic. Yes, you got that right: we will be adding a map of the Atlantic to fulfill all your convoy battle desires, yet this will happen only if we meet the fourth and final social goal:


This social goal will be unlocked if we collect a total of 300 Facebook shares, Twitter retweets and Instagram likes of the following posts:

Facebook: https://goo.gl/Ba481H

Instagram: https://goo.gl/yw5QdU

Twitter: https://goo.gl/QJUPhw

For Facebook, it is the sticky post at the top of the linked page.

Having said that, let’s get back to the Enigma.

The HQ may request you to send weather reports, observe enemy activity, or lend a hand to a stranded U-boat. It may task you with joining a wolfpack to stage an attack on a convoy, or have you detect and intercept one based on navigation data alone. The HQ may warn you about various threats, such as mines or an increased concentration of anti-submarine forces. In fact, there are so many different possibilities, that it would take far too long to name them all here.

With this goal, we are taking the game to another level of replayability, as each scenario will come to life in a variety of configurations that may evolve even after the game has been shipped to your door. And that is, in fact, the greatest power behind our app: the ability to evolve and adapt. With proper care, attention, and support, it will continue to flourish, bringing you joy and fulfilment for years to come. And, as we have given a lot of love to this child of ours, we are strongly committed to ensuring it has a bright and successful future.

OK, so there you have it! It’s all in your hands now, and we hope that you have enjoyed the campaign as much as we have. We will be soon leaving to fulfill our mission, but we will always remember about your generous support and everything you have done to help us bring this project to life. Our U-boat will be returning before the end of the year, and we are sure you will welcome it with open arms :)

Until then, you can always send us Enigma-encrypted messages with secondary objectives, and we will do our best to fulfil them. After all, our mission is to deliver a game that you will really love ;)

Until then, all best and happy gaming!

Iron Wolf Studio and PHALANX

Two’s a company, three’s a crowd ;)
over 1 year ago – Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 03:49:50 PM

Hello everybody,

Today we’ve got a new batch of material for you to watch and read. Two new UBOOT previews, as well as our long-awaited two-player playthrough! Yes, we’ve finally managed to get it done, and we did learn the hard way that recording a decent material is no plain sailing ;) Getting all the cameras and the sound gear right (which gave us the most headache), but also speaking intelligibly (instead of just mumbling to oneself, as I often do) was not so trouble-free after all ;)

Anyhow, it’s not for us to decide how good (or bad) it is, so we are eagerly awaiting your feedback! :) Hopefully, you will see that playing with two roles per player is actually no biggie, especially once you get the chance to play a few times. Oh, and we have also recorded a solo playthrough - it is currently undergoing post-production and it will be going online very soon.


Right, with that out of the way, we still have the previews, as well as one small thing that we would like to show you. But let’s focus on the previews for now. The first one is intended for English speakers and has just appeared on Everything Board Games:

Everything Board Games review link.
Everything Board Games review link.


The author offers an in-depth perspective on setup and rules, his thoughts on the 3D model, as well as a good overview of gameplay experience for each of the roles. He also shares his perspective on the learning curve and the balancing of the roles, making for an informative and well-structured analysis overall.

The second of the two is meant for the Polish-speaking detachment among our backers, and it has just appeared on Games Fanatic, one of the most important Polish boardgaming sites:

Games Fanatic review link.
Games Fanatic review link.


This preview is much more emotional, as the author goes to great lengths to convey the feel and the atmosphere permeating the players’ experience. Those are very important aspects of UBOOT indeed, and the author has done an outstanding job of capturing the game’s essence. Actually, it is a moment of great joy for a game designer to see that all the hard work actually produced the intended result... Absolutely priceless! :) All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend this review to our Polish-speaking audience - it conveys the feel of the game perfectly.

Last, but not least, we’d like to give you a yet another perspective of your gorgeous 3D model! Bringing its silhouette in focus this time around, this picture should give you a better understanding of component proportions, as well as the total height of the periscopes:

Oh my, doesn’t it look like the real thing? I simply cannot wait to see what some of the more creative bunch do with it once they get it in their hands :) I am already thinking of attaching a string to the bow, tying it around the conning tower equipment, and then leading it all the way to the stern :) After all, we need a place to hang the victory pennants on the way back home, don’t we?


All best and happy gaming!

Iron Wolf Studio and PHALANX

Torpedo... LOS!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 01:37:38 PM

Hello everybody,

When on patrol, choosing the right tool for the job is a matter of utmost importance. All the preparations, the approach, and the result of the attack itself will hinge on the crew’s ability to evaluate the chances of hitting the target. And, just as the captain makes the decision which torpedo type to load and fire, that very same question is now before us: with just three more days to go, we are now loading our tubes with the most deadly and exciting stretch goals we have ever designed :)


And you won’t be waiting for those for too long, as you have blitzed through the torpedoes and you are now closing the distance to one of the most coveted SGs yet: the wolfpacks! Right after that we start upgrading the tactical map, then there’s the trawler, and then… Even the most seasoned captains would not be able to tell, but you’d better be prepared for something BIG :)


Before we reveal this next big thing, however, there are two important announcements:

Firstly, we must commend your fortitude in the face of the enemy. You have swiftly unlocked the HMS Illustrious, unheeding of the fury that she could unleash upon us all ;) This will be a tough opponent to beat, but experienced crews will undoubtedly be tempted by the fame and glory that would become their fate if they managed to sink it.


Secondly, we are preparing to introduce the all-in pledge, just as you requested. Its final details have almost been worked out, and we will be revealing them all tomorrow. We hope that the offer we have prepared will be to your satisfaction.

With just three days to go, the campaign is drawing to a close, and the Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As we have given our project a lot of love and attention, we are hopeful that this feeling will grow even stronger and evolve into a long-lasting relationship :)

‘...And they published wargames happily everafter’

Wouldn’t that make a nice happy ending? ;)

All best and happy gaming!

Iron Wolf Studio and PHALANX

Periscope up!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 06:51:33 PM

Hello everybody,

We have a major update for you today, so I will try keeping it short, as usual ;)

First of all, we would like to thank you for your amazing support! You have just unlocked the conning tower upgrade, the model’s jewel in the crown. Remember how far it seemed just a week ago? And now it is yours for the taking!

So, if we stay on course just a little longer, we will be making our way towards the most ground-breaking app functionalities pretty soon! Before that, however, there are still torpedoes, wolfpacks, and a few new goals waiting to be unlocked. And we would like to present two of them right now:

The tactical map brought to life

That’s right, we are deploying the first tactical map upgrade that so many of you have asked about! Instead of sad cardboard counters, it will become populated with various enemy units: merchants, escorts, and more! But that’s not all, as this upgrade will also totally remodel the game’s visual identification mechanic, as all contact information (including unit types and their GRT) will become fully integrated into the app! And, as I’m sure you remember, you have already unlocked a few different unit types, as well as the identification sheet...


And that was a part of a bigger plan from the very start. So, can you smell what der Smutje is cooking? Well, I am sure you are, as this is more than just a bunch of minis - it constitutes a part of an integrated system, bringing together our app models, their tactical map 3D representations, and the identification sheet data, all working together to bring you the most authentic enemy identification experience to date.

A new type of enemy enters the battle

Apart from merchants and escorts, there will be other new vessels to encounter, especially near the coast. Though not as potent as their sea-going brethren, they will still make your lives miserable if you give them the chance, so don’t ;) The trawlers may be slow, but they will aptly greet you if you ever show yourself in their waters. And no, they won’t be rolling out the red carpet before you, rest assured.


Anyhow, let’s not spend too much time discussing new enemy types. I guess that you can already see that there will be plenty of them, as well as reasons to put your identification sheet to good use ;) Right now, however, there are a couple of other important things to let you know about, and that’s what I would like to focus on before we finish.

One of the things we would like to show you is a visualization of our 3d resin tokens in action. Populating the technical view of the U-boat, they will make the affected section stand out, offering a much clearer view of hazardous sections within the U-boat. Moreover, they will vividly show the contents of each toolbox, and let’s not forget about the Captain’s brand new order tokens. These will all work together to enhance your enjoyment, but also the practical side of the game.


Next up, there are two new videos that we would like to recommend to our German-speaking audience: a preview, as well as a playthrough by Brettspielblog.net. Both of them offer a lot of details regarding gameplay and more, so we wholeheartedly recommend these if you wish to learn more about UBOOT:


Last, but not least, we would like to remind you about our latest social goal, the HMS Illustrious! We have already got 384 shares in total, so this is another goal that will soon be yours!

Apart from sharing, you can always spread the word about UBOOT, or help the project in some other way if you wish. For example, one thing you could do is click on this Kicktraq link: http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/phalanxgames/uboot-the-board-game/#chart-daily And then click the ‘VISIT PROJECT’ button. Kicktraq is a very important site for all Kickstarter projects, and Each time you click on the link, it helps UBOOT stay on Kicktraq’s main page, which obviously results in A LOT of traffic (clicking actually works once in the evening and once in the morning, unless you use different IPs.).


Alright, so now you know what you can to do to help our cause. If you have any comments, remarks, or just anything you would like to share with us, then please post in the comments section. We value your feedback, we are doing this game for you, and we will continue to do so for as long as you motivate us to make it the best submarine board game ever created. And so far you are doing an incredible job.

All best and happy gaming!

Iron Wolf Studio and PHALANX

Death from above
over 1 year ago – Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 06:49:47 PM

Hello everybody,

At the beginning of the war, German U-boats were relatively safe from Allied aircraft. The radar was at an early stage of development, the planes did not often carry specialized anti-submarine armament, and the Leigh Light* was still a few years away. No depth charges or Fido torpedoes** dropping from the sky yet. No air patrols attacking out of nowhere only because the U-boat captain allowed himself to send a message to the HQ***. A substantial air gap in the middle of the Atlantic, referred to as Torpedo Junction by the Allies. It was a happy time indeed... Until it turned out it was the calm before the storm.


The above situation would be gradually and inevitably changing in favor of the Allies, up to the point where U-boats were being ruthlessly decimated by aircraft. Their only hope of survival was absolute radio silence and technological, as well as tactical adaptation to the unwelcome environment that the Atlantic had become. When the war was drawing to an end, even such seemingly basic maneuvers as leaving the base were potentially deadly, let alone the actual assignment ahead...

Fortunately for our UBOOT crews, that is not where we begin our journey. We start early in the war, with scarce and ill-equipped air patrols that you can try chasing away with your brand new 20mm Flak gun. While not the most fearsome among anti-aircraft weapons, it still has the potential to deter or eliminate incoming planes.


That being said, most submariners know it all too well that fighting aircraft on the surface is a risky feat, but there might be situations where there is no other choice. If caught off-guard when refueling or providing assistance to another U-boat, you may have no other option but to put up your dukes and make a stand. After all, each aircraft that pinpoints your position could relay it to other Allied units…


And there is already one among them that could prove to be both a juicy target, and a can of whoopass at the same time. Introducing HMS Illustrious, an armored aircraft carrier that you can unlock via our next social goal. You can think of it as the first ‘boss’ enemy in the game, as this vessel has got it all: speed, toughness, as well as offensive capabilities that will make you hide underwater in awe of the air cover it can unleash upon you. Death from above? Oh yes you betcha! But only if you manage to unlock this goal first:

A total of 600 Facebook shares, Twitter retweets and Instagram likes of the following posts:

Facebook shares: https://goo.gl/guVAs3

Twitter retweets: https://goo.gl/W8BAqw

Instagram likes: https://goo.gl/43BDWZ

For Facebook, it is the sticky post at the top of the linked page.


And remember: if you chicken out in the face of the enemy, that may send you on a journey out of the frying pan and into the fire! Truth be told, you might just as well end up as the Kaleunel’s new submarine sandwich ;) So, if you want to avoid the meat cleaver and make it home in one piece, then remember to share our posts on social media! After all, this is what UBOOT is actually about: spreading peace, love, and, happiness through submarine warfare.

And no, doctor, I am not taking those meds anymore. I feel fine. Can you now please remove the straps? I really need to write an update for tomorrow. The update for the game I told you about. It’s a real-time board game of submarine warfare, it even has a periscope!

What do you mean the symptoms show no signs of abating? And who are these people? Where are they taking me!?! This game really exists, and it’s live on Kickstarter!


All best and happy gaming!

Iron Wolf Studio and PHALANX

*A very powerful searchlight mounted on aircraft. It was used to light up the U-boat at night for a precision strike while blinding its AA gunners at the same time.

**Acoustic torpedoes that were dropped into the water by aircraft. They would search for the U-boat’s noise signature and go for the attack upon locking on.

***That was due to the High Frequency Direction Finder, the infamous ‘huff-duff’. The Allies used it to pinpoint the locations where U-boats were sending their radio messages from.

PS. Our friends from Academy Games are running a new project now. Check this out! :)

Team vs team action packed board game on a destructible 3D map. Full radiant storyline where every choice you make ripples through the entire campaign! Now on Kickstarter!
Team vs team action packed board game on a destructible 3D map. Full radiant storyline where every choice you make ripples through the entire campaign! Now on Kickstarter!